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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

                                                                         HIMALAYAN PINK SALT

                  "We all are salt of the earth think about that pure and all natural"

                                            "SMILE AND LAUGH MORE "

Featured Poet my friend Annazette Taylor

                                                                 The Mighty Storm of Poems


The Journey Collection, (Poetic Journey, Journey of Thoughts, Journey Within books) contains exciting poems encouraging constructive thinking and teaches valuable lessons. Many poems demonstrate positive responses to emotions and can be useful, and instructional in today’s society. These poems are written for all ages, especially our youth. It is poetry that rhymes most of the time. Rhymes that inspire thoughts, and lessons that are only sometimes taught. Inspirational poetry that uplifts your spirit and makes you smile when you hear it! These exciting poems developed into The Mighty Storm of Poems!

Anna Zette became interested in writing poetry because it was something that she could do on her own. It is a way to express feelings and thoughts positively. Anna Zette lives in Georgia. Writing is a passion. Anna Zette always suggests that people stay positive, keep the faith, and journey well with peace -n- grace!

Keep in touch with Anna Zette via The Mighty Storm of Poems!

                                                          Anna Zette Taylor   
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"Please show your support for this talented beautiful sister"

              Anna Zette Taylor   
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            The Angels Told Me
            Journey of Thoughts
                 Poetic Journey

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Poetry is Wright


" Carry your own weight it you can, but if you are unable to carry your own weight pray that God will gives you the wisdom to be able achieve your goals" 

                           Look to yourself first before you look to others for help you may be surprise what you found out about who you are
                                                                           THINK! first before asking it could lead you down the wrong pave  

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