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Super Foods

Health Pyramid

The Wellness Pyramid

Balloon Festival

Balloon Festival

Foot Tracks on Sand

"Health and Wellness"

Water Plant 1

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It will change your life.

Water Plant 2

Wildlife eat fruits and vegetable also just as human do.

Fruits of labor
Sandia Mountain Crest

My highest lung compacity is that of 10,678 elevation mountain time so my lungs are                         adjusted to this low elevation in the city with no problem to me at all.

The Key to Longevity is Movement

Race Results

Life is not always about receiving it's about giving back to society by what you have learned along the way. We must leave our footprint behind for others to learn and go by as we gain and leave  important information behind for human growth for many years.


African Queen
African King

"My Clock time 35.31"

Race Complete
Trust the Process Tension Band

Washington, DC

Back Drop


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