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My Mission

My mission is to help by saving our planet through preserving Gods earth. By doing this I'm always looking to preserving plant life and  keeping nature as it was. Taken from plant life to enhance my health to live more healthier. We should not be destroying our earth or we would  not have a place to live and grow fresh vegetable which is greatly needed to eat healthier to have a disease free lifestyle. If we take from Gods earth we should return it back to the ground for our enjoyment. My past experience was that of environmental services keeping the environment clean daily so do your part in preserving our earth. I use natural resources from the earth to create artwork using my creative skills materials such as metal, wood and other natural resources transforming it into work of art. I use all of my art education to depict art. I see everything as an art form in creating or developing a work of art that's what artist do. Transforming beauty through my eyes mediums like color pencil and graphite drawings, pen and ink drawing, oil painting, pastel, photography, design and much more. All of my work is natural and original. Art is everywhere that's why I choose this field at the age of 15 years of old to the present time. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Thank  you

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