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New Arrivals

Tiger Eye and Jasper Necklace

Tiger Eye Necklace

Red Jasper Stone Necklace

Sapphire Gem Stone Necklace

Tiger-eye and Red Jasper
Gem Stone Necklace

Multi- Gem Stone Necklace

Hematite and Green Jade Necklace

Multi-Gem Stone Beaded Necklace

Beaded Glass Stone Set

Beaded Glass Stone Set

The Native Queen

Water Plant 1
Native Queen

The African Queen

African Queen
Water Plant 2

They also fought for justice beside there king in battle in defeat and in victory still to this day . Please don't forget your heritage my beautiful Queens. You are the true warriors. That gave us life.

Always honoring our Queens

The Key to Longevity is Movement

Life is not always about receiving it's about giving back to society by what you have learned along the way. We must leave our footprint behind for others to learn and go by as we gain important information behind for human growth for many years.

African Queen
African King
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